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Fair Simmons, Our Alma Ma-ter, thy his-try bids us hope That the fu-

ture thats before may of-fer wid-er scope.

For deeds be-yond at-tain-ment Than an-y in the past, God will-ing

we-ll ac-comp-lish a-chieve-ments that will Last.

Our lives thou hast in-fluenced Our char-acter thou doth Mold; Well

fling a-loft our banner, high, The Crimson and the Gold.

Long may thou lie and pros-per In the work thou has be-gun, Thy

Sons and Daug-h-ters wish thee well, May low descending sun.

Be-stow its radiance on thy shield, with naught to the con-trar, Our

slogan, shall ev-er be Non Pall-ma Sine Pul-vere. 


Dr. Elijah P. Marrs 1879-1880

Dr. William J. Simmons 1880-1890

Dr. James Henry Garnet 1890-1894

Dr. Charles Lee Purce 1894-1905

Dr. William H. Steward (Acting President) 1905-1906

Dr. James R. I. Diggs 1906-1908

Dr. William T. Amiger 1908-1915

Dr. Charles H. Parrish 1918-1931

Dr. Marshall B. Lanier 1931-1952

Dr. Jesse V. Bottoms (Acting President) 1953-1955

Dr. W. L. Holmes 1955-1981

Dr. W. J. Hodge 1982-1996

Dr. Thomas H. Peoples, Jr. 1997-2005

Dr. Kevin W. Cosby 2005-