Students who enter Simmons College of Kentucky are expected to maintain a high standard of conduct compatible with the beliefs of a disciple of Jesus Christ.

The use of intoxicating beverages or substances inside or outside of school premises will not be tolerated. The evidence of such or other infractions could lead to immediate expulsion.

A high standard of Christian ethics is meant to pervade all segments of the life of this institution of higher learning for both its students and faculty. To this end, we expect all to be just in their dealings with each other, the college and the employees of the college. This includes, but is not restricted to, honesty and integrity in study, courtesy in speech, the satisfying of all obligations to the College, financial and/or otherwise. Students are encouraged to “Do all things to the glory of God” and to the credit of themselves and Simmons College of Kentucky.

Students that fail to conduct themselves in a Christ-like manner will be recommended to the Office of Student Affairs for counseling or disciplinary action. Repeated displays of poor conduct will result in expulsion from the college.

Dress Code

Simmons College of Kentucky does not specify a particular type, style or form of clothing, as long as the manner of dress is modest and reflects a Christ-like character. Students are expected to dress appropriately for special events such as convocation services and the like.

Student Body

The student body of Simmons College of Kentucky is organized with elected officers. They meet monthly and are responsible for attending chapel services. The students are in charge of their meetings and the operation of their organization. A faculty member will be appointed as a liaison and will attend the student body meetings regularly. This time is primarily given to lectures on the Sunday School lessons, business meetings and worship services. The students plan several special programs and/or projects regularly.


The faculty of Simmons College of Kentucky is composed of a group of individuals who are committed to providing a quality and unique educational experience for the students. The faculty is interracial and represents a wide range of educational institutions and perspectives. Over ninety percent (90%) of the faculty of Simmons College of Kentucky possess or are candidates for a graduate degree in the area in which they teach. Over fifty percent (50%) possess a terminal degree in their field(s) of teaching.

Official Transcripts

Every student is entitled to one unofficial transcript of his/her work, provided all financial accounts with the college are paid in full. Official transcripts are issued upon receipt of fifteen dollars ($15.00) per transcript. These are issued only on the basis of written authorization by the student. (Only a students’ final grade is entered on the permanent record.) The student’s permanent records are maintained in the office of Student Affairs.


Textbooks for the classes offered at Simmons can be ordered online or may be purchased in the Simmons Bookstore. Each student will be provided with a list of the required books by the professor of each course in which the student is enrolled.