The 1930 Society

The 1930 Society is the Honorary Alumni Association at Simmons College of Kentucky and operates as a fundraising initiative aimed at fostering a community of supporters dedicated to advancing the mission of Simmons. Due to a lack of philanthropic support and the burden of educating tax-paying Black citizens in Kentucky without city or state funding, along with the Great Depression of 1929, Simmons was forced to sell its’ campus and assets.

The 1930 Society seeks to create a base of honorary alumni support that fills the gap between 1930 and 2005, when Simmons was reborn and put on track to restore its’ rich legacy.

How do I become a member?

Individuals become Honorary Alumni (Ambassadors) with a donation of $1000 or a recurring donation of just under $20 per week. 

Honorary Alumni are expected to share their personal story, including:

  • Why they are proud to be a SCKY Ambassador
  • Their hometown or place of origin
  • Their dreams and aspirations
  • How being a part of the SCKY family has impacted their life

Benefits for Honorary Alumni

  • Recognition as an official SCKY Ambassador.
  • A sample of the SCKY Honorary Alumni
  • Certificate.
  • Opportunity to engage with SCKY events and initiatives.
  • Satisfaction of supporting the growth and
  • development of SCKY and its students.

Employer Connection Program

The Employer Connection program at Simmons College of Kentucky, under the umbrella of the 1930's Society, facilitates partnerships between SCKY and churches and other businesses, offering opportunities for mutual growth and success. By collaborating with SCKY, employers can tap into a pool of talented students and contribute to the advancement of the local community.

Benefits for Employers


Our corporate partners will gain increased visibility and positive brand association through sponsorship of SCKY events and programs, while also accessing networking opportunities with SCKY faculty, students, and alumni.


Partners will have the ppportunity to mentor SCKY students, providing guidance and support as they navigate their academic and professional journeys. This aides in fulfillment of corporate social responsibility goals through community engagement.


Your corporate partnership with SCKY's 1930 Society will give your corporation access to a diverse pool of motivated and skilled interns from Simmons, bringing fresh perspectives and talent to the organization. This could create a potential pipeline for recruiting top-performing interns as full-time employees.

Talent Development

Partners will be able to collaborate with SCKY faculty and staff to design customized talent development programs tailored to the organization's needs. Partners will also have access to professional development resources and workshops for employees.

Tuition Partnership

Our corporate partners will have the opportunity to invest in the education of SCKY students through tuition assistance or scholarship programs. This will serve as a demonstration of commitment to supporting local talent and fostering economic growth.


Partners will have opportunities to engage in volunteer activities such as quest speaking, workshops, or career fairs, enhancing employee morale and team building. This is a great opportunity to make a tangible impact on the development of future leaders in the community.

For more information, contact Simmons College of Kentucky at https://simmonscollegeky.edu/invest/ or call (502)776-1443 ext. 5123.

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