The Applied Psychology degree is designed to provide students with a broad ethical understanding of the psychological underpinnings of self and others, and skills to meet current job market demands.

Program Description

This program will prepare students to use psychological theories, concepts, and methods to address real world problems, especially those involving Black communities. Specialized trans-disciplinary tracks will allow students to focus on specific employment goals.

Program Objectives

The overall objective of the Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology program is to prepare students to become effective change agents by giving them the knowledge and skills to obtain employment in fields that will allow them to ethically address social and psychological issues affecting communities of color and other populations who have been underrepresented and overlooked in the distribution of access and advantage.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and comprehension of major psychological theories and concepts, and their application for addressing real-world issues related to human behavior and mental processes.
  • Display critical thinking and scientific reasoning to design and perform basic social science research. 
  • Demonstrate ethical and justice informed approaches problem solving and effectively use writing and verbal skills to critically evaluate, synthesize, and distribute information.
  • Exhibit entry-level cognitive and communication competencies in professional settings.

Degree Program Major Requirements

COM 103 Conflict, Communication, and Management

PSY 101 Foundations of Psychology

PSY 102 The Science of Psychology

PSY 103 Sensation and Perception

PSY 201 Social Science Statistics

PSY 202 Social Science Research Methods

PSY 301 Human Growth and Development

PSY 304 Social Psychology

PSY 306 Junior Practicum

PSY 440 Senior Capstone


The Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology degree program offers concentrations

Human Relations and Business and Family and Health Services.

Human Relations and Business Concentration

The Human Relations and Business concentration will prepare students for employment in fields such as human relations, labor relations, and non-profit leadership. 

Concentration Requirements

BUS 101 Foundations of Business and Society

BUS 102 Corporate Responsibility and Ethics

PSY 308 Psychology of Diversity and Inclusion

PSY 320 Psychology of Personality

PSY 430 Organizational Psychology

PSY 499 Occupational Internship

Family and Health Services Concentration

The Family and Health Services concentration is designed to prepare students

for fields such as social work, public health, and ministry.

Concentration Requirements

PSY 310 Abnormal Psychology

PSY 330 Cognition and Learning

PSY 410 Sociology of Health and Wellness

PSY 420 Sociology of Childhood and Learning

PSY 450 Biology and Behavior

PSY 499 Occupational Internship

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