Technology Support Specialist

General Statement of the Job: 

Provides instruction, training, and resources to facilitate the use of technology in the classroom and across campus. May assist in coordinating and directing all activities of technology support for students, staff, and instructors on and off campus. Reports to the Director for Information Systems and works collaboratively with members of the department, faculty, and campus leadership on the appropriate and effective integration of technology into teaching, learning, and administration.

The primary objective of the Technology Support Specialist is to provide technical expertise in the design, installation, and ongoing support of instructional and administrative technology. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, troubleshooting both immediate and non-immediate help calls, providing software training to groups and individuals, assisting in project plans, installing hardware and software, and maintaining technology equipment in all college classrooms, offices, and conference rooms. The incumbent will also be responsible for troubleshooting both immediate and non-immediate classroom help calls via Simmons’ MSP’s Ticketing System.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Work with Simmons’ current MSP to provide input in the development of a system-wide approach to support instructors and students with the use of technology supported teaching and learning. Investigates and disseminates information on best practices for technology integration, sources of information on trends, research and applications related to technology at Simmons College of Kentucky.

  • Manages account permissions, provides access and use instructions and support for software and equipment
  • Develops documentation and training materials in various formats to support administrative and instructional technologies
  • Consults with faculty and other department staff on the identification and implementation of appropriate technology and instructional strategies to meet student learning outcomes
  • Supports faculty in the effective and appropriate use of technology, including multimedia equipment and video editing software to meet curriculum goals
  • Performs other duties as assigned
  • Performs basic problem solving and assistance on various software applications and hardware systems for department users and/or the university community.
  • Performs routine technical assistance and maintenance duties while escalating the more difficult problems to Simmons’ MSP, using their Ticketing System.

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