Religious Studies gives students a thorough introduction to philosophical and religious thought in the global world with special emphasis on Christian and African American religious thought.


of Arts

For students interested in pursuing a 4 year degree track

in Religious Studies

Students who complete a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies will be equipped as leaders with critical reasoning skills, aware of foundational philosophical, theological, biblical, and historical ideas that have shaped contemporary cultures around the world and be prepared to pursue further graduate work in seminary or divinity school and to compete for jobs in areas such as law, public and international policy, civil and human rights organizations churches and other religious organizations, and nonprofit organizations.

The Associate in Arts Degree program in Religious Studies is designed for students who wish to earn two-year college degree and for students who wish to pursue a baccalaureate degree in a liberal arts or professional discipline. Students will develop a foundational understanding of the following academic disciplines: Arts and Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Oral Communication, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Written Communication and Religious Studies. A unique aspect of this Associate Degree is that it helps students examine the inter-dependencies between religion, politics, economics, and social structures.


of Arts

For students interested in pursuing a 2 year degree track

in Religious Studies

From Department Chair Chris Caldwell

The Black Church and the struggle for racial justice is at the heart of the Religious Studies major at Simmons. Religious Studies, however, also gives students valuable skills in research, writing, and thinking critically, while it prepares students for graduate study and for employment in many fields, including non-profit service and leadership, as well as Christian ministry. It also provides a moral anchor and direction as they pursue careers in other areas.  

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