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The Office for Church Engagement (OCE) at Simmons College of Kentucky is dedicated to building robust partnerships between the college and the church community. By leveraging these relationships, the OCE aims to enhance educational opportunities, support student enrollment, and strengthen church communities through access to valuable education, resources and tools.

Strengthening Churches and their Bonds with Simmons College of Kentucky

Goals of the OCE

1. Increase Exposure and Awareness of Simmons College within Churches

  • Develop and implement outreach programs to introduce and promote Simmons College to local and regional church congregations.
  • Organize informational sessions, workshops, and seminars at various churches to highlight the college’s mission, programs, and achievements.
  • Create marketing and communication materials tailored for church audiences, including newsletters, brochures, and digital content.

2. Support Student Enrollment Efforts through Church Engagement

  • Collaborate with church leaders to identify and encourage prospective students within their congregations.
  • Host campus visit days specifically for church-affiliated youth groups and their families.
  • Provide information and resources about admissions, scholarships, and financial aid available through Simmons College.

3. Support Fundraising, Advancement, and Development Efforts

  • Engage church communities in fundraising campaigns and initiatives to support the college’s growth and development.
  • Foster relationships with church members who are potential donors, benefactors, and advocates for the college.
  • Organize special events, such as benefit concerts, dinners, and charity drives, in partnership with local churches to raise funds and awareness.

4. Uplift and Strengthen Churches through Educational Resources

  • Offer educational programs, workshops, and continuing education courses tailored to the needs of church leaders and members.
  • Provide access to Simmons College’s resources, including academic faculty expertise, music and worship resources, library resources, and online learning platforms.
  • Develop and distribute toolkits and resources on topics such as leadership development, community engagement, and social justice issues.

Strategic Initiatives

1. Community Outreach

· Regularly attend and participate in church services, events, and community activities to establish and maintain a visible presence within the church community.

2. Partnership Programs

· Develop formal partnership agreements with churches to facilitate ongoing collaboration and mutual support.

3. Scholarship Programs

· Establish church-affiliated scholarship programs to financially support students from partnering churches.

4. Advisory Council

· Form an advisory council comprising church leaders and Simmons College representatives to guide the direction and initiatives of the OCE.

Contact Information

For more information about the Office for Church Engagement or to become involved, please contact:

Office for Church Engagement

Simmons College of Kentucky


Rev. Chris Caldwell, PhD

Director, Office for Church Engagement Office: 502-776-1443, Ext. 5164

Mobile: 502-594-6113 Email:

1018 South 7th Street

Louisville, Kentucky 40203

(502) 776-1443

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