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As an Historically Black College or University, Simmons is proudly dedicated to helping students discover their “leader within.”

HBCUs are known for being among the nation’s most effective leadership laboratories. More than simply a class or a curriculum, we at Simmons see leadership as both a privilege and a responsibility.The Servant Leadership program at Simmons College of Kentucky adds value to every Simmons student by providing them with servant leadership opportunities in a supervised, structured context. Through the Servant Leadership program, students will discover, develop, and achieve competency in a variety of essential leadership skill sets.

The Servant Leadership program is a co-curricular graduation requirement for the College. Every student, in any of the College’s academic programs, must demonstrate satisfactory completion of the Servant Leadership program to graduate. No academic credits are generated through the program, nor is any tuition required. 

The Servant Leadership program is a 6-8 semester experience divided into a series of on-campus (or online) seminars and in-the-field experiences. The opening seminar provides a conceptual framework for leadership rooted in the values of compassion, justice, and identity, through the Biblical lenses of hope, dignity, and stewardship. Students will have the opportunity to explore their identity and worldview.

Successful completion of the opening seminar leads to field opportunities in the areas of community development, social justice, and civic duty. Field experiences include research, observation, and interaction with relevant agencies. Field experiences are assigned on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Students are encouraged to enlist in one semester of each area (community development, social justice, civic duty) but may petition the Director of Servant Leadership to persist in a particular area for a second semester, if desired.

The third phase of the Servant Leadership program involves integrating the field experience with the student’s identity, worldview, and academic major. The final element of the program connects the Servant Leadership experience with career development and their plans post-graduation. 


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Rev. Dr. Valerie J. Washington ·

1018 South 7th Street

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