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Your Social Security Number and Financial Aid

You should ALWAYS be mindful when sharing your Social Security Number (SSN) to ensure that you do not give it out unnecessarily. You must safeguard this information to protect yourself against identity theft. So you may have noticed that it was optional to provide it on your SCKY Admissions application.

But there are some valid reasons to share it with your college.

What is an SSN?
  • This is your unique 9-digit number that helps Social Security identify and record your lifetime earnings.
  • It is also used by various organizations to identify your individual account since you could easily have the same name and/or date of birth as another person, but nobody else has the same SSN as you.
  • Please visit https://www.ssa.gov/ssnumber/ for more information about Social Security Numbers. If you need a replacement card, you may be able to request it on here.

Why should I share my SSN with Simmons College of Kentucky?

Although providing your SSN is not required for admission to SCKY, it IS required to receive federal, state, and some institutional aid.

  • If you plan on using Title IV Federal Student Aid (such as Pell GrantWork-Study, or Federal Direct Student and Parent Loans), we need a way to match you with your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Your unique SSN is the only way to do that. The FAFSA also confirms that your name and date of birth are correct in your Social Security Administration record.
  • If you are a Kentucky resident who wants to receive CAP, KEES, KTG or other state grants, the SSN is how we must identify you on the state rosters. Financial Aid also sends grade and enrollment files to the state office so they can determine your eligibility.
  • Some institutional awards (typically need-based scholarships or loans) also require that the FAFSA be completed.
  • The Student Accounts Office will need your SSN in order to produce certain annual tax documents (such as the 1098T).

How do I submit my SSN to Simmons College Kentucky?

If you did not include it on your admissions application, you can still provide it to the school. Please do NOT send to the Financial Aid or Admissions Office directly – and note that email is NOT considered secure.

  • Undergraduate Students:
  • By Secure electronic submission: (LINK)
  • In Person: Stop by the Undergraduate Admissions Office with your SSN Card to 1018 S. 7th Street Parrish Hall Building on campus.
  • By Fax: Send a copy of your card to Admissions to 502-.614-1905
  • By Mail: Mail a copy of your card to the Office of Admissions, 1018 S. 7th Street Parish Hall Louisville, KY 40203.

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